Sunday, 11 March 2007

Hendrik Wittkopf

Hendrik Wittkopf's paintings in acrylic show an ephemeral figuration. Having stayed extensively in Kolkata, India, he refers to people living on the periphery. In the paintings the world shines through a multicoloured curtain. The people depicted seem to be captured in a moment, the social room of which being juxtaposed to the painted scene in a way that is both banal and sublime. There is a disturbing intimacy, suspending the notion of private and public space.


1/2005, 100x80cm, arylic on canvas

Mintu Park

3/2006, 100×80cm, acrylic on canvas

Southern Avenue

10/2006, 95×47cm, acrylic on canvas

Victoria Memorial

9/2006, 80×100cm, acrylic on canvas

Rashbehari Avenue

4/2006, 85×170cm, acrylic on wood


7/2006, 85×170cm, acrylic on canvas

Hendrik Wittkopf is a London-based artist. His work will be shown in September 2007 at Gallery Suzie Q in Zurich.

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